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Adopting any animal is a huge commitment and is a decision that should be considered carefully.  We want everyone in your household to be 100% ready and fully involved with welcoming one of our rescue pets. 

Please before completing our adoption application take some time to really think about the level of time, responsibility, and life you can provide an animal.  Each animal is different and requires different needs so we ask that you explore what you're looking for in a pet such as; level of exercise you can handle, personality profile, age, medical expenses you're able to handle, and the amount of training you're willing to provide (if needed). 

Once you are officially ready to adopt and give the best home to an animal in need, we would love to have you as a potential adopter.  When you adopt from us you will have a team working with you every step of the way as we review your application, check your references, have a personal phone call with you, and help find the best match for you and your home environment. 

We strive to find the best match for both the humans and the animal involved as we want both parties to live a happy and fulfilled life. 

Our adoption fees are the following:

Puppies (0-12 months) $350

Adult Dogs $300

Kittens (0-7 months) $150

Adults $125

This helps us cover the spay/neuter of your new pet, age appropriate vaccinations, microchipping, and de-worming medicine. 

Our entire staff is volunteer based with full time careers. We do our best to turn applications around quickly, but we need your help. Please make sure your application is complete, you’ve discussed with your landlord (if applicable), your references are prepared, and your vet has authorization to answer our questions. In addition, we know things change and we fully understand, but PLEASE, if you change your mind or adopt elsewhere, let us know so we can shift our focus to the next applicant patiently waiting to meet their next baby. THANK YOU for choosing to adopt, for choosing us, and for your patience.”

Here’s a few Commonly asked Question & Answers:

Q:  Do I have to complete an adoption application for each animal that I am interested in?

A:  No, you do not.  Please apply and select up to 3 animals that you’re interested in meeting with.  If still available for adoption, we will be in touch very soon.  Please be patient as some animals do gain a ton of interest and will generate quite a few applications for us to review.

Q: Once approved as an adopter how long is my application good for?

A:  Your application is good for 6 months.  After 6 months have passed, we ask that you re-apply since a lot can change within that time frame.

Q:  When can I meet the animal I would like to adopt?

A: Once you receive our approval email stating you have been selected to adopt that specific animal you will also be given the foster parent’s contact information.  We ask that you give them a call and set up a good time to meet the animal.  

Q:  Do you have a minimum age to adopt?

A: Yes, we require our adopters to at least be 21 years old.  


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