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Here’s a few Question & Answers about fostering with us:

Q:  How long will I have a foster animal?

A:  The average length of time that you will have a foster animal is about 3 weeks.  We require a minimum of 2 weeks for each animal to stay in rescue to make sure we can assess any health issues, get them altered, and really get to know the animal before matching into a home.  Sometimes fosters could stay in rescue for various reasons but we are always happy to help you find respite (temporary) foster care if you have upcoming priorities. 


Q: How long until I will hear if I am an approved foster home?

A:  We will be in touch within a few days after we have had a chance to review your application, call your references, complete a vet check, and make sure all the documents are submitted.  Please make sure your references are aware we will be reaching out via text or phone call. 


Q:  Can I adopt my foster animal if I fall in love?

A: Yes, you may adopt your foster.  The only item that we ask is that you please let us know within the first few days of having them.  Once they arrive into rescue and are a bit settled we will start working on getting them added to pet sites (Adopt a pet, Petfinder) and we would hate to approve a potential adopter (non-foster) for them if you were interested in adopting.

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